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Retirement guide number 1

What is lifestyle living?

Unlike a retirement village, at Lifestyle Communities, homeowners own their home and lease the land upon which their homes are located, via a weekly fee. A National Lifestyle Village lifestyle community is a place where people above 45 years of age can move to, allowing them to downsize from their home in to something smaller and more ideal for their current living situation. Lifestyle communities such as National Lifestyle Village, are made up of an abundance of homes and villages and offer a wide range of in-house facilities to accommodate to all members of the community.

Lifestyle communities are a safe and secure place for each member. All of the homes found in our Lifestyle Villages are modern and contemporary and most importantly are low maintenance, giving residents more time to spend doing the things that they want to do. 

 A lifestyle community is not the same as a retirement village and vice versa. Why should this matter, and why is it important that you can differentiate between the two? Lifestyle living villages are designed for

  • Opportunities for leisure, socialising, sports, hobbies and holidays because costly and labour intensive property maintenance is taken care of.
  • Social opportunities, events and activities – both organised and informal – within walking distance, or a shared bus ride away.
  • Neighbours that share similar lifestyle aspirations. Marketing of over 55s accommodation is targeted to attract people just like you!
  • Resort style facilities such as indoor heated swimming pools, bowling greens, bars, libraries and gymnasiums just to name a few.
  • Security features to reassure you and your family as you age. Property developers plan over 55s villages and communities with security in mind.  Security features such as well lit paths and roadways, 24 hour by 7 day a week emergency systems, security entries, mobility friendly floor plans and shared infrastructure, can be reassuring.
  • Conveniently located access to shopping centres, medical centres and hospitals and public transport.

Do i have to be retired?

The answer is no, many residents still work.

What is leasehold?

The main advantage of leasehold (long-term secure lease) over freehold (owning your own land) is Lifestyle Communities has a long-term financial interest in the ongoing success of the community.

The benefits of leasehold at Lifestyle Communities compared to owning a conventional house in the suburbs are as follows:

  • You can be sure you are never going to have to put up with young renters living next door Under the conditions of the leasehold homeowners cannot rent their home out to others so you always know who your neighbours are!
  • One of the conditions of lifestyle is that all homeowners must be over 50 – You will be living in a community of like-minded individuals!
  • All front gardens and common landscaped areas are maintained by the community gardening team – Your street will always look perfect!
  • You have knowledge of what is built in your street and any changes will be closely administered – Our goal is to protect the aesthetic of your streetscape and therefore protect the value of your investment
  • No stamp duty or council rates are payable – As there is no transfer of title saving you $$$
    (all of this is taken care of by Lifestyle Communities)

The key difference between a lifestyle village and a retirement village, at a lifestyle village you manage your life and your activities yourselves. You choose how the village is run with the other residents, creating your own micro community. In most retirement villages the owners/operators manage and choose your activities.

Lifestyle and retirement villages are generally for over 55s who are seeking out a more fulfilling life with likeminded people, social activities and security – knowing your neighbor is an important part of feeling secure no matter where you are. Over 55s accommodation tends to have resort style amenities, such as swimming pools, a Clubhouse which is the hub of the village where residents can meet, read a book and socialize. Security is a big priority for over the 55s villages. Ensuring the residents feel safe is important for residents and the overall management of the village. Retirement villages tend to have more care facilities available, whilst at a lifestyle village residents tend to be more able and independent being an average of 9 years younger.

Minimising expenditure is a huge reason people switch to lifestyle living

Some people are happy to downsize and let the community feel enter their lives, retiring in a lifestyle living park offers many of life’s happiness building blocks in one place, many over 45’s are happy to sell the family home and take life easy in a community with like-minded people who are there to relax. Coupled with the security of an age pension or superannuation, it’s a stress-free life.

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